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At Aberdeen Capital Debt Advisory, our team stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in the realm of debt advisory and capital solutions. Comprising seasoned professionals and risk management consultants, our diverse expertise positions us as leaders in the industry. 

With a specialised focus on services such as property development finance, corporate finance, capital raising in Australia, refinance business loans, acquisition finance, and working capital loans, our team excels in delivering tailor-made financial solutions that propel businesses towards sustainable growth.

What sets our team apart is not just the depth of our knowledge but our dedication to understanding the unique needs of each client. We pride ourselves on being more than just financial advisors; we are partners in your success. Our comprehensive approach to capital management ensures that businesses not only navigate challenges effectively but also seize opportunities for expansion. 

Trust in Aberdeen Capital Debt Advisory is rooted in the collective expertise of our team, the precision of our solutions, and the proven track record of success in helping businesses thrive in the dynamic landscape of modern finance.

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Our Team

With over 25 years of extensive experience in banking and corporate advisory, Greg has emerged as a distinguished leader in the field. Before establishing Abcap in March 2022, he led the Victorian Debt Advisory team at KPMG, specialising in Leverage Finance, Agri, Structured Credit, Property, Corporate, and Financial Services transactions across diverse industries. Greg's expertise extends to advising clients on transformative transactions, including major acquisitions for large listed corporates, structuring complex funding mechanisms such as USPP financiers, and implementing securitisation funding for both listed and large private clients.

Greg's proficiency is marked by a unique blend of execution capabilities, interpersonal skills, technical expertise, and unwavering ethics. His commitment to building enduring relationships with clients is matched by a passion for delivering exceptional outcomes. Before founding Aberdeen Capital Debt Advisory, Greg played a pivotal role for over 8 years in leading KPMG’s Victorian Debt Advisory service within the Corporate Finance division. With a solid foundation in the banking industry, encompassing over 17 years in various roles at ANZ, Westpac, and NAB, Greg possesses an in-depth understanding of diverse structures and financial products. Additionally, he spent 2 years in Risk Management for Ford Credit Asia Pacific, where he led the Commercial Risk team across the ASPAC region. Greg's academic background includes a Masters of Applied Finance and a Bachelor of Biological Science, providing him with a multifaceted perspective for structuring innovative solutions in the realms of debt advisory and capital management.

Greg Eldridge

Managing Director
Jessie, with over a decade of extensive banking and corporate advisory experience, co-founded Aberdeen Capital Debt Advisory, bringing a wealth of expertise across diverse industries such as health, education, transport & logistics, retail, financial services, and real estate. Formerly an Associate Director at KPMG's VIC Debt Advisory service, she specialised in guiding clients through various capital structures, including private debt, private equity capital raisings, and real estate financings.

Prior to her current role, Jessie held significant positions with National Australia Bank in VIC, showcasing her comprehensive financial sector experience. Known for her commitment to delivering optimal outcomes and adeptness at providing commercial solutions within tight deadlines, Jessie's passion and optimism extend beyond her professional achievements. As an active supporter of diversity and inclusion, she previously served as a committee member for the Asian Female Leader Group at KPMG and continues to contribute to such initiatives at Aberdeen Capital Debt Advisory. Jessie's academic excellence, marked by her ASEAN Scholarship, includes a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne and a Masters of Finance (FINSIA Scholarship) from RMIT University. Her multifaceted skills make her a valuable asset to Aberdeen Capital Debt Advisory, ensuring clients receive expert guidance in debt advisory, capital solutions, risk management, and more.

Jessie Teng

Shannon, boasting over a decade of multifaceted experience in banking, corporate advisory, and credit rating analysis, is a seasoned professional with a comprehensive understanding of diverse sectors. His background includes an Associate Director role at KPMG Debt Advisory, specialising in debt capital structuring, procurement, and capital management advisory services. Before joining Aberdeen Capital Debt Advisory, Shannon held positions at ANZ in Corporate & Commercial Banking and Technology divisions, along with experience as a primary credit analyst at S&P Global Ratings, focusing on sectors like the oil and gas, metals and mining, and real estate investment trusts across Australia and New Zealand.

Adept at advising publicly listed, private, and financial sponsor-backed companies, Shannon offers clients tailored capital analysis and advice to meet funding requirements and drive strategic growth initiatives. With a commitment to meaningful client relationships and a passion for delivering optimal outcomes, Shannon brings a unique blend of commerciality and technical skills to his role. Holding a Master of Applied Finance with Distinction, along with a Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia, Shannon is also recognized as a Senior Associate member of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA).

Shannon Lee

Lachlan, an integral member of Aberdeen Capital Debt Advisory, boasts over a decade of experience in both corporate and commercial finance, coupled with hands-on management of a family-owned business. His background uniquely positions him as a valuable asset in debt advisory and capital solutions, catering to diverse sectors such as ASX-listed corporates, large enterprises, SME businesses, residential mortgages, and equipment finance.

With a distinct advantage from his dual perspectives in banking and business management, Lachlan excels in understanding the nuanced needs of business owners. Growing up in a family deeply involved in small businesses, he is passionate about guiding clients towards their goals. Before joining Aberdeen Capital Debt Advisory, Lachlan served as the General Manager of a family-owned construction and manufacturing business and held roles at Westpac Commercial and KPMG Debt Advisory within the Corporate Finance division. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) from Deakin University, a Diploma of Finance & Mortgage Broking Management, and is an Authorised Credit Representative (#548010) of Connective Credit Services, operating under Australian Credit License (ACL) #389328. Lachlan is committed to providing personalised customer service, embodying Aberdeen Capital Debt Advisory's excellence in capital management.

Lachlan Smith

Associate Director
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