Unlock and Optimise Value with Expert Capital Management & Strategic Funding Advice by Aberdeen Capital Debt Advisory

We Deliver. As your dedicated capital management and advisory service, Aberdeen Capital Debt Advisory (AbCap) commits to optimising your funding package delivering the optimal capital management advice and capital structure to achieve your strategic business objectives.

What is Capital Management?

Capital management entails strategically monitoring a company’s capital structure and financial policies to synchronise with long-term strategic goals. Here at AbCap, our aim is to develop and structure a capital management plan that optimises your capital structure and supports your business growth and risk management objectives.

What We Do

Capital Structure Benchmarking Analysis

Evaluates a company’s capital mix against industry peers to enhance financial performance by assessing key metrics such as leverage, capitalisation and debt service coverage ratios.

Provide Capital Allocation Frameworks

Offers methodologies for strategic capital deployment, prioritising business growth based on risk, return potential, and alignment with corporate goals.

Identify and Optimise Capital Allocation Decisions

Analyse and improve capital utilisation by reallocating resources, divesting underperforming assets, or restructuring debt to drive sustainable growth and profitability.

Benefits of Performing a Capital Management Review

  • Tailors your capital structure to align with business requirements while minimising cost of capital.
  • Benchmarks your capital structure against peers and alternative structures to determine the appropriate funding mix.
  • Offers strategies for implementing an effective capital management approach.
  • Furnishes management with a funding roadmap for future capital needs to uphold the ideal capital structure.
  • Enables management to understand and manage risks within the capital structure.
  • Evaluates the benefits and risks associated with your funding structure.

AbCap’s Capital Management Plans Establish

Capital Structure

Encompasses determining the ideal mix of debt and equity, allocating debt across various funding sources, and crafting a suitable maturity profile along with strategies to achieve it. 

It involves striking a balance between debt and equity to optimise financial leverage, allocating debt effectively to minimise costs and risks, and managing maturity profiles to match the company’s financial obligations with its cash flow generation.

Capital Sources

Capital Sources involve identifying the right market for acquiring the necessary capital, determining the desired concentration across different market segments such as banks, non-banks, credit funds, and exploring the ability to tap into alternative capital markets. 

AbCap’s Capital Management Plans ensure the optimal capital structure is supported by the appropriate mix of capital sources which are aligned with the company’s strategic objectives and risk tolerance, fostering resilience and flexibility in financing strategies.

Risk Management

Risk management includes analysing the implications of the capital structure and assessing their impact on key credit metrics. It considers how financial policies, such as dividend distribution and hedging strategies, may be influenced. 

By identifying risks that should be hedged, those that are naturally mitigated, and those left unhedged, AbCap ensures a robust risk management framework is established, enhancing the resilience and stability of capital management strategies.

Our Capital Management Review Process

Capital Structure Benchmarking Analysis

Conduct an in-depth evaluation of your capital structure against industry standards and best practices to identify areas for improvement and optimisation.

Financing Options Identification

Utilise advanced analytics and strategic insights to identify the best financing options suited to the company’s strategic and funding objectives. If needed, soft market testing is done to gauge the appropriateness of the funding solution.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Evaluate the potential costs and benefits associated with the chosen financing option to determine its impact on the company.

Recommendation Presentation

Present the best recommendation on the optimal capital structure and funding solutions to the senior management and Board.

Empower your business with a capital management plan. Connect with Aberdeen Capital Debt Advisory (AbCap) to embark on a journey towards sustained financial excellence.

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