Empower your business with expert Debt Structuring & Refinancing Solutions by Aberdeen Capital Debt Advisory

Bon Accord is more than just a phrase. It means Good Agreement, and it stands as our promise to you. As an independent capital debt advisory service, we are committed to providing you with the best available financial products for your business. From planning to financial close, Aberdeen Capital Debt Advisory (AbCap) is dedicated to ensure that your business achieves the best possible financing outcome.

How to Know When it's Time to Refinance Your Debt

When to Consider Debt Refinance?

Your business may benefit from debt restructuring If you are experiencing cash flow challenges, high-interest rates, or changing market conditions. Through providing you with the best financial products available for your unique business needs, and simplifying your debt structure AbCap can reduce funding costs.

List of Signs:

  • Expansion Plans: Seeking capital for organic and inorganic growth opportunities.
  • Market Changes: Flexibility to adapt to shifts in market conditions.
  • Restrictive Terms: Terms and conditions and covenants that are not conducive to your business growth plans.
  • Relationship with Lender: Difficulty with existing financiers and their ability to support business growth.
  • High Finance Costs: Paying excessive interest despite improved financial performance.

Your Capital Debt Advisory

At AbCap, we provide a bespoke debt structuring service based on your individual needs. Our process typically includes the four pillars below. 

Planning & Strategy

  • Develop a customised funding strategy aligned with your company’s objectives.
  • Analyse your financials and forecast capital needs.
  • Explore diverse funding options tailored to meet your requirements.

Market Sounding

  • Conduct an independent market sounding process to validate the strategy.
  • Prepare key materials for Financiers (e.g.: Summary Information Memorandum, Financial Model, and Term Sheet.)
  • Execute Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) with selected Financiers.

Competitive Debt Offers

  • Facilitate a formal Request for Proposals process to secure timely and competitive funding.
  • Guide financiers through their credit process and manage financier Q&A.
  • Evaluate and recommend financier responses for your review and consideration.

Documentation & Closing

  • Selection of preferred Financier(s) and negotiate final terms.
  • Review and progress financial documentation
  • Achieve a successful and timely Financial Close.

Our Typical Capital Management Process

As an independent capital debt advisory firm we’re committed to empowering you to achieve your financial goals.

Identification of Strategy

  • Understand your company’s capital strategy and key objectives
  • Review and analyse relevant company information
  • Discuss various capital levers and company policies  (eg: dividend policy, target leverage, cost of capital etc.)


  • Review your company’s internal financial planning tools, including any financial forecasts and assumptions
  • Consider your company’s internal policies and framework such as financial leverage, return metrics, target ratings and risk management policies
  • Perform benchmarking of your company’s key metrics against industry peers to compare capital structures
  • We can also apply a relevant credit rating methodology for benchmarking purposes where appropriate (eg: Moody’s or S&P)


  • Identify relevant strategic considerations under the various analysis and benchmarks (risk versus reward)
  • Provide detailed commentary on considerations for alternative capital management options
  • Identify any related and recent examples of capital management initiatives by industry peers

Decision & Implementation

  • Provide advice and rationale to assist management to develop and monitor the most appropriate capital structure
  • Assist management in reviewing internal documents for board approvals
  • Attend board meetings where required

It is our mission to empower you, and your business with tailored debt solutions. Together, we can build your financial success story. Get in touch today to discuss how a review of your debt structure can help you achieve your business growth objectives.

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