Maximise Potential with Seamless Securitisation Implementation & Refinancing by Aberdeen Capital Debt Advisory

As your trusted partner in securitisation, Aberdeen Capital Debt Advisory (AbCap) is dedicated to optimising your assets for financial growth.

What is Securitisation?

Securitisation involves converting income-producing assets into investable securities. At Aberdeen Capital Debt Advisory, we demystify this financial process to unleash the full potential of your assets.

What We Do

Asset Pooling

Reviewing asset pool to determine funding options. We have experience across various asset classes.

Establishment of a Securitisation Program

Crafting and implementing securitisation programs, involving the establishment of structured asset-based warehouse funding.

Review of Existing Programs

Evaluating and assessing the effectiveness of current securitisation programs, aiming to optimise the funding package.

Importance of Securitisation For Your Business

Provide your business with improved liquidity by transforming income-producing assets into investable securities. Create a securitisation program that provides scale and pricing benefits without becoming an administrative burden.

  • Enhanced Liquidity: Transforming illiquid income-producing assets into marketable securities allows companies to optimise their resource allocation and respond promptly to evolving market conditions.
  • Risk Diversification: Effectively spread risk among multiple investors to create a diversified investor base. Safeguard against concentrated risks and enhance resilience, ensuring more stable funding certainty.
  • Capital Release: Liberates capital tied up in income-generating assets, enabling businesses to redeploy funds for strategic initiatives, expansion, or debt reduction.
  • Lower Financing Costs: By optimising the cost of capital through these strategic financial manoeuvres, companies can enhance their financial efficiency, resulting in increased profitability and sustainability.
  • Investment Opportunities: Attracts diverse investors, provides ability to scale for businesses. Broadens the capital pool but also opens doors to unique investment opportunities.

Our Securitisation Implementation Process

Strategic Assessment

We initiate the process by conducting a strategic assessment of the company’s financial landscape, identifying income-producing assets suitable for securitisation and potential funding opportunities.

Asset Transformation

Our team works on transforming identified assets into marketable securities, enhancing liquidity and marketability while ensuring alignment with the company’s overall financial goals.

Risk Management Framework

We establish a robust risk management framework, diversifying risk among multiple investors through securitisation, creating a resilient financial structure that safeguards against concentration risks and market fluctuations.

Capital Liberation

Implementation of securitisation and refinancing strategies involves unlocking capital tied up in income-generating assets. We facilitate the release of dormant capital, allowing the company to reallocate resources strategically for growth initiatives or debt reduction.

Cost Optimisation

The company strategically works on lowering financing costs by optimising the cost of capital through securitisation and refinancing initiatives. Our expertise ensures a reduction in overall financing expenses, enhancing the company’s financial efficiency and profitability.

Elevate your financial potential with expert securitisation funding advice. Connect with AbCap to embark on a strategic journey towards financial certainty.

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